Japan original Historical Kamon marriage ring


Can you design with diamonds?
We don't produce the ring with diamond or other stones because it makes difficult to resize the ring or re-design of ring.
Can you design with pink gold?
We don't produce the ring with pink gold, because it does not have enough strength to resize the ring.
What is WG(white gold)?
K18(18gold) is 75%gold and 25%other metals blend. It can be changed color by blended metals.
With bronze it wil be pink gold, with white palladium it will be K18 white gold. WG has still color of gold, so silver corting (Rhodium) on surface.
How can I tell the historical design of Kamon?
Please send us photos of Kamon by e-mail, we serch it from Kamon database.
If we could not found in database, we can produce the design.
*It depends on tha quality of photos*
How can you make original design?
We design based on the customers infomation, preferences. For example, your hobbies,your pets, your home town, your favorites word and so on.
Can original Kamon is used for other materials?
Any goods will be available ? Please consult us.
I want to e-mail order?
We accept e-mail order by fax or e-mail. With good commnication, we poroduce of high quality Kamon design.
In this case please make sure of the size of ring.