Japan original Historical Kamon marriage ring

Kamon Wedding Bands
Wedding bands symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in a recently married couple's life together. Deciding to
wear your kamon on your wedding band shows your honor to your family and its heritage. It signifies your bond to
your family and serves as a memorial to those who have carried it before you.
Past, Present, Future… Kamon are a tradition in Japan; passed down from generation to generation. They were
proudly worn going into battle and displayed honorably at home.

What is a kamon?
The kamon is the traditional crest that identifies a Japanese family and its ancestry.
Usage of kamon began around 900 years ago during the Heian Period. Kamon would be displayed by people of nobility on belongs such as homes and furniture.
 Later, starting in the Kamakura Period, the beginning of feudal Japan, the kamon became prevalently present on armor allowing forces to distinguish friend from foe.
During the Edo Period,commonly referred to the Tokugawa Period, the usage of kamon was no longer limited to nobleman, but also by merchants, farmers, and everyday commoners.
Over the years, the number of known kamon has grown from around 1,000 when kamon were first used to about 20,000 now.
The designs of kamon, although unique to Japan, have influenced the design of logos used by companies in many industries.
Kamon have been passed down to us from our ancestors.
It's our responsibility to display them with pride to show our respect to those that have used them before us and likewise, pass them along to our future generations.